Why we formed Aquathin BC

Kate and I first bought an Aquathin filter back in 2002. We were just setting out on our health “journey” – you’ll find the blogosphere littered with references to health journeys, simply because that’s what they are. So many of us are turning to alternative health practitioners, naturopaths and the like to augment what conventional medicine has to offer, as we increasingly understand that the approach of treating individual symptoms rather than the root cause of chronic problems is not enough. The internet is both a lifeline and frustrating and problematic, in almost equal measures – the sharing of knowledge provides huge input to making sense of chronic problems with frequently dizzyingly complex causes, but also can be full of pitfalls, bogus claims and dead ends. Many of our health issues are therefore slow to fix, while we wait for our bodies to heal at an almost slower rate than knowledge seems to be improving.

Our family had a range of problems that we now understand to be largely (or possibly completely) autoimmune in nature. Even twelve years ago we realized that our bodies were under assault from a wide range of toxins – from the food we ate, the drugs we were prescribed, the air that we breathed; and this included the water we drank. We have been trying out a number of diets since then, and we’re starting to have success with the Autoimmune Protocol – check out www.healingfamilyeats.com for more details on how this is progressing, and more particularly for day-to-day guidance on what to eat! This was at least the fourth diet we tried, but very much the most successful. Hence the journey – it takes time to experiment to find out what works for you.

Unlike diet, research into water filters was somewhat more straightforward. We looked at all the filters then on the market in the UK, where we lived, and found one that appeared to be better than anything else available – the Aquathin Aqualite model. The sales rep brought with him filtered water, and tested both the filtered water and our existing water – no comparison! Measuring the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the filtered water came up with zero, zip, nada, exactly where we wanted our water to be! We bought it on the spot, and have never looked back.

Three years later we bought a holiday home, and installed another Aqualite there – where it remains, as we now rent the property out for short term vacations.

At the end of 2012 we moved to Vancouver, and in August 2013 we got our precious belongings out of storage and in to our new home – including the Aqualite. We then looked for a company to install it, and fairly quickly established that Aquathin was not represented in western Canada. That seemed more like an opportunity than a problem, and after double-checking the market to establish that Aquathin remained ahead of the pack for the quality of its products, its components, its warranties, and the overall professionalism of the company, we approached them to distribute in British Columbia.

We remain on a “journey” to fix our health completely, but we can honestly say that the early step of getting an Aqualite was very much a step in the right direction.