Aquathin Corp. manufactures the world’s most effective domestic and commercial water filters, through a patented process incorporating Reverse Osmosis with De-ionisation. Two aspects more than any others contribute to the effectiveness: the combination of multiple filtering/processing technologies to remove everything from your water, without compromise, and the quality of components used in each technology to ensure they operate to their maximum potential.

This typically involves a four stage process:

1. Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) pre-filter. This removes chemicals, particularly chlorine, effectively, largely to protect the Reverse Osmosis membrane from damage. GAC has limited effect on micro-organisms (viruses, cysts, and other pathogens), heavy metals, and other inorganic compounds. GAC is the primary filtration method for most cheaper water filters, particularly jug filters.

2. Reverse Osmosis (RO). Pressure is exerted on the pre-filtered water to pass it through a selective (semi-permeable) membrane, thereby removing around 97% of total impurities – 100% of disease-causing micro-organisms, around 98% of inorganics and heavy metals, and around 70% of nitrates. The choice of membranes between Cellulose Triacetate and Thin Film Composite is largely based on the volume of water desired per day. Aquathin has the only RO system on the market certified by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in the US to remove micro-organisms from water.

3. De-ionisation (DI). The remaining impurities at the stage the part-filtered water reaches the DI module are molecules of the same size as the hydrogen and oxygen molecules making up pure water, and so can’t be “filtered” out. The way to remove them is to take advantage of the positive and negative charges of the ions in the water. Proprietary resins are used to pick up the impurities and swap them with pure hydrogen molecules. The DI module actually consists of four stages, with further filters and stages to ensure maximum removal of impurities and to prevent reverse migration of contaminants. The result – water, pure and simple!

4. GAC post-filter. The pure water is held in a tank, plumbed in to your faucet for whenever you need it. The final filter ensures any gases or impurities from the tank are not introduced into the water you drink.

Aquathin has a total of seven patents on its processes, and backs up its claims for unrivalled purity with unmatched warranties. Check them out here.