Under the sink

These filters are often called Point of Use filters, as they are designed for one specific point of use – to be installed under your kitchen sink, and fully plumbed in. They all come with storage tanks for the filtered water, so you have an on-demand system called from installed-for-the-purpose sink mounted faucets. Check out the Faucets page to see the range of faucets we offer.



Full domestic RO/DI complete with a patented LED management panel, and options for pre-filters and additional pump. Simply the best domestic POU filter on the market!


Similar to the Aqualite model, but without the patented LED management panel. Provides automatic flushing. aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aa


pss90russThe PSS-90 is a manual-flushing version of the Platinum 90. aaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa         aaaaa        aaaaaaa    aaaaaaa    aaaa    aaaaaa    aaaaaa  aaaa



aquaqueenrussThis unit provides full RO/DI, with Granular Activated Carbon pre-filters, but using slightly cheaper components to fit within your budget



For the budget conscious, this unit provides starter RO, with Granular Activated Carbon filters prior to the RO unit, with clear housings so you can see when to change filters.



pearl30 rcws
Adds heavy-duty pre-filtration to the Aqualite model – a Super Quad sediment filter, GAC, and an AquaShield Antimicrobial Carbon Block filter, all in clear housings.