What’s wrong with chlorine?

The chlorination of water is one of the biggest factors in the rise of the average age from around 35 a century ago to the levels in the 80s today. Our water companies still chlorinate water, with the primary intention of killing bacteria. Given this extremely positive effect, is there any cause for concern in […]

Is there a problem with taking ALL minerals out of water?

Some water filter companies have tried to make a virtue out of their failure to remove all harmful minerals out of water – by advocating that the body needs minerals from their water. Clearly the body does not need the toxic heavy metals that these filters leave behind, but let’s focus on the minerals for […]

“Alkali” water and de-ionization

The water filter industry is largely unregulated, so in many countries it is possible to make significant claims as to the health-giving effects of certain filters which are not supported by science. Also if the relevant technologies are not submitted to any kind of objective testing, it becomes a battle of words between those “with […]

What’s wrong with bottled water?

Canadians drink a staggering 2.4 billion litres of bottled water each year, which is equivalent to some 68 litres per person! At typical per litre prices of $1.50 and upward, that puts water on a par with gasoline. So, is it worth the investment? Health concerns The primary finger-pointing at the bottled water industry singles […]

How tap water gets polluted

Is my water safe to drink? Click here for more details. How do contaminants get in the water? Water’s journey If you live in a city, the water you drink takes a journey that looks something like this: 1. Meltwater from glaciers feeds streams and rivers. Many countries don’t have mountains and glaciers, hence why most residents […]