Countertops and Portables

If you are limited for space, or you don’t want a plumbed-in, under the sink option for your kitchen needs, then check out the Kitchentop RO/DI and the Spacesaver RO/DI models. The other four models shown here are to give you filtered water for more portable applications, such as in your boat or RV, or just when you’re out camping.


No plumbing required – the Kitchentop plugs directly on to your faucet, and retains RO/DI filtered water in the upper section of the housing. Comes in grey, blue and white.

space saver

p_312Full RO/DI, connected directly on to your kitchen faucet, and delivering water to any storage container. No installation or electricity required. aadaf ;alfj a;slkdfj;alsjfd;asljf;aslkjfadadfja afd


Carry a full RO/DI system with you, for whenever you need it. Connects on to faucets, and can be supplied optionally with pump to increase pressure. add a;fwdlj ;aklsfdj;aslfkj; ;ladfj;alsdfa;self

Astro Traveller

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The RO module from Aquathin’s under the sink models, supplied with a GAC post-filter and a range of international faucet adapters. Perfect for RVs, boats, camping or any other travel.

Yes series

One of the highest grade GAC filters on the market, that can be attached directly to your faucet.  ;aldfj;alkjsfd ;alkjsfd; la;ldfskja ;lsfkja;slfj ;asdlkjf ;asldfj;alsjdf;alsjdf;loa  fa;std asf  sa df 


A special module designed to remove lead, but also removing arsenic, fluoride, cadmium and nickel. Includes a GAC filter within the module. Connects directly to the faucet.