Why filter?

  Much of British Columbia has excellent quality source water. The water delivered to your faucets can in many cases also be significantly better in quality than in most major cities worldwide. However, there are still strong reasons to consider filtering: Downstream risks – however good a job a water company may do, there are risks to the […]

How to choose filters

Make sense of the different types of water filter, and why you should choose an Aquathin filter. This table provides a comparison of the effectiveness of different types of filter in removing particles from water: Click here for a description of each technology.   Question:  Would you purchase a unit with technology that allows you […]

The Aquathin Patented Reverse Osmosis/Deionisation Process

Aquathin Corp. manufactures the world’s most effective domestic and commercial water filters, through a patented process incorporating Reverse Osmosis with De-ionisation. Two aspects more than any others contribute to the effectiveness: the combination of multiple filtering/processing technologies to remove everything from your water, without compromise, and the quality of components used in each technology to […]

What’s wrong with chlorine?

The chlorination of water is one of the biggest factors in the rise of the average age from around 35 a century ago to the levels in the 80s today. Our water companies still chlorinate water, with the primary intention of killing bacteria. Given this extremely positive effect, is there any cause for concern in […]

Canadian water quality

The parameters are standard.  Originally the Clean Water Act published 21 contaminates in 1974…which has only grown to 92.  Of the original 21 and the added contaminates, many MCL (Maximum Contaminate Level of Acceptance) have been reduced…and now many have MCLG (Maximum Contaminate Level Goal) meaning future reductions.  Common sense then says the water we […]